Sport Funding Options for Your Project

27th June 2016

So you’ve recognised that you need a revamp in your facility. Whether that’s the implementation of new sports facilities or a brand new playground for the pupils in your school to take advantage of. However, funding is often an obstacle in the process and many installations simply don’t take places because of this. Here at Synthetic Turf Management we have put together this handy guide in our blog today to discuss sport funding options for that project you have been longing for!

There are all sorts of options to choose from, we recommend that you have a look at SAPCA who can give you plenty of information on different options.

Sport Funding Providers

Below we have selected just a handful of sport funding providers which may help you and your sport’s needs.

Premier League and FA Facilities fund- this is specifically aimed at football funding and funding is usually in the range of £10,000-£50,000. This could be to refurbish (artificial turf resurfacing for football pitches) existing facilities or build entirely new ones! Take a look at football pitch surfacing options here. You are normally expected to secure 50% of the funding.

3g pitch white line marking close up view 

STM 3G Football Pitch

Robert Clutterback Charitable Trust- if you’re struggling with funding for the building and improvement of your sports facilities for young people, particularly in Cheshire and Hertfordshire. One-off projects are favoured and you could get between £1000 and £3000.

Sport England-As long as your project encourages people to play sport at least once a week, this could be the sport funding option for you. It is specifically for small grants from £300-£10,000 and is particularly aimed at disables people and younger children (as young as 5). Allow three months for your decision to come through. 

The London Marathon Charitable Trust- This is another grant that aims to increase and maintain the amount of people playing sports. There are two types of grants, one is the smaller grant between £5000 and £19999 and the larger grant is between £20000 and £150000. Allow three months for a decision.

And what could you get?

Well STM are artificial turf providers and one of our main aims is to ensure that people have access to the facilities to get them playing more sports. We have put together a gallery of sports surface which we can complete as part of your project.

school hockey pitch 

Hockey Surface

drone view of three outdoor tennis courts 

Tennis Courts

basketball hoop 

Basketball MUGA