Primary School Playground Installation

13th September 2016

A really good quality primary school playground that will last can be hard to come by. On top of that you need to make sure that your facility caters to the right age group and doesn’t just look good, but encourages children to use it, be active and stay healthy. Here at STM, one of our core values is to increase the physical activity of young people all over the UK whilst making it run and reaching national curriculum standards. We know what you need and can make all stakeholders (including Ofsted) be wowed by your outdoor play area.

Artificial Turf for your Primary School Playground

The clue is in the name; we are Synthetic Turf Management. We supply and install high quality manufactured grass/turf into a range of different applications. Our education sector is one of the most popular and we have over 15 years’ experience across hundreds of schools in the UK in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining primary school playgrounds. We believe this is the best product to use for primary school playgrounds due to its durability, different colours and types of turf available, low maintenance properties and well… the children love it!

six epic playground design images 

Different EPIC Playground ideas

Primary School Playground Ideas

Before any primary school playground installation, we recommend you have an idea of what you would like, if you’re unsure why not ask the children who will be using it. You also need to take into account what you will be using the surface for… play time, lunch time, before and after school, PE sessions, other lessons. Then we can recommend various features. For example, if you like to take your Maths or English lessons outside, we could include a number line or phonetics in your surface.

yellow and white phonics design in playground 

Phonics tiles

Greenfields Primary School Playground

This primary school playground below was part of the Greenfields School Project in Newcastle. There was so much included on this surface that it could be used for so many different activities and catered to all age groups. Did you know that we can couple shock pads with our artificial turf to create a safe surface and cushion falls? This is great to have if you plan on getting play equipment as part of your playground.

artificial grass playground install in Newcastle

For more information on what makes our primary school playgrounds EPIC (Education and Play in Colour) please refer to our designated web page.

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