Why Do You Need Synthetic Turf Maintenance?

4th July 2016

So you may have had a sports pitch installed, a MUGA, school playground or a simple landscaping area with artificial grass, synthetic turf maintenance should always be a crucial part of the lifespan of your artificial turf. Why? Well we are going to go through all of the basics here in today’s news blog!

Whether we installed the artificial grass or not, your installer may not do a maintenance package however we can and we can create something cost effective for you with our highly trained maintenance team. But before we go into that, let’s talk about why you actually need synthetic turf maintenance.

debris on the corner of synthetic turf 

If debris is not removed from the surface (particularly in areas where there may be overhanging foliage) this can cause problems

Neglected surfaces can end up looking like this one above. Of course you don’t need to outsource everything! A simple inspection of your surface followed by picking up of debris and brushing the sand infill to redistribute the particles can work wonders for your surface! Remember synthetic turf maintenance can enhance the surface properties including increased performance, reduced safety risk and an overall attractive facility to be proud of!

Unfortunately, one of the only reasons why synthetic surface owners contact maintenance companies are for repairs like the 2 below…

line markings seam repair 

Although these should be addressed straight away (and we are very glad when our customers report such incidents) this should not be the only reason why synthetic turf maintenance specialists are called to the scene.

So what else needs mentioning?

Sand infill from the synthetic turf surface can often migrate over time due to the usage levels which is completely normal however there should be methods in place to redistribute the sand levels. Another problem is the contaminants that can build up within the surface which may be a result of debris that has not been cleared as promptly as it should have done. There are certain methods that Synthetic Turf Maintenance (STM sub-division) can use to ensure your surface can be the best it can be! Preventative maintenance is an exceptionally beneficial service we offer!

Take a look at St Saviours school 12 months after their install and still looking as fantastic as ever!

images of playground immediately after completion and 12 months on 

(Note second image shows the newly sanded area so may show patches of sand which will disappear in the short term future) This is a sign of great maintenance!

So now you know a little bit more about synthetic turf maintenance, you can contact us to discuss your options with one of our highly trained maintenance team members!

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