The Gym Mat That’s Taking the Standard of Gyms to Another Level!

25th July 2016

The wonders of what you can do with artificial turf? Here at Synthetic Turf Management (STM) we are stretching the boundaries and completing more bespoke projects that make way into our product range every week! In today’s blog, we are discussing the gym mat that consisted of 3 running lanes and the official gym logo! What an addition that would be to their gym!

Be Fit for Life is a Gym Facility in Ireland and right now it is leading the way in gym facilities with their bespoke, made to fit gym mat!

We thought that for this blog, the images tell all so instead of us telling you, why not just see for yourself!

gluing the lines of the red gym track together 

Measuring up the lengths of the turf and cutting them into place

cutting to size the gym mat 

Making room for the bespoke logo

Be Fit For Life artificial turf logo mat 

The artificial turf logo for the gym mat

logo mat installed into red gym track

three lane red running track with logo mat

red artificial grass gym track

Want more information on the gym mats that we can offer at STM?

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