Why Should I Choose Synthetic Turf For My Installation?

29th September 2016

Whether it be a football pitch, playground, tennis surface or golf course, we know that there are many different alternatives to synthetic turf including natural turf and the old and outdated concrete. But why should you choose synthetic turf? What makes it the product with such a growing demand?

Range of Synthetic Turf

Firstly, let’s talk ‘range’. Synthetic turf comes in a variety of different colours, pile heights and its specific to what you want it for. In particular sports products are approved by various affiliated bodies such as FIFA and IRB and are developed especially for that sport. For example, Advantage Pro is one of our most popular tennis court surface products and is designed to offer an excellent grip whilst playing the sport.

red, blue, yellow and white artificial turf play samples 

Play Colour is perfect for playgrounds

Safety Surfaces

Did you know that synthetic turf is one of the safest surfaces that you can have for your outdoor area? The trip free edging coupled with non-abrasive turf makes it the best playground product. We can also apply additional features to your surface such as shock pads to make your surface even softer and cushion falls, this makes it perfect for nursery play areas too.

jigsaw shock pads 

Shockpads are critical in areas of CFH (Critical Fall Height)

Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Remember choosing natural turf maybe a cheap option however pitch markings constantly need updating, fortunately for us synthetic turf doesn’t grow! Which means your bespoke markings are permanent. On top of this, there’s no mowing or weeding! This very low maintenance product needs to be looked after but nowhere near as much as the natural alternative.

It Looks and Feels Like Real Grass!

If you want to keep an area looking green and natural-like, then synthetic turf is your perfect option. Technological advancements mean that synthetic turf is now perfected to replicate natural grass and that is exactly what it does. Our British products from are manufactured with precision and quality engineered throughout. We are very proud to be working alongside them.

landscaping grass sample 

Our landscaping products replicate natural grass

There are so many other benefits that synthetic turf has, but we simply can’t fit them all in our blog today. Read up on what our customers have to say about it in our Synthetic Turf Reviews page.

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