Our Most Transformed This Year: Ballard Prep School Safe Playground Surface

17th August 2017

Another of our summer projects was complete yesterday and this one truly was a huge difference. The old and outdated concrete playground surface looked anything other than safe. With a team of professional installers, British manufactured artificial grass, a new fence and different playground designs we created a completely new outdoor learning environment.

amazing transformation images of small playground tarmac image to colouful artificial grass

Before and after

playground marking designs including circular hop jump line

100 square metres of a green surface with blue red, white, yellow and orange designs

bespoke playground designs

The surface was installed over a 5mm rubber padding which acts as a safe playground underlay to help cushion falls (keep in mind that for play equipment, a more sufficient underlay will need to be installed such as a shock pad to cover the Critical Fall Height (CFH)).

hopsotch and jump line in colourful synthetic turf

Jump lines and hopscotches to promote activity, health and well-being from an earlier age

playground number markingsA safe playground surface can also be educational

For such a small area, so much can be included. It is often hard to imagine the potential of your existing surface when it hasn’t had any renovation work for years.


We understand the design and construction of your pitch/court is vital. We can help you optimise your space with an extensive array of options for size, colour, markings, fencing & lighting and gate positions. We’ll guide you through the process of designing your turf, so that you can visualise your pitch/court before its construction. 

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