Astroturf Prices- The Installation of Synthetic Grass

3rd February 2017

We can tell you all there is about astroturf, how well it performs compare to alternatives, the lifespan, warranties and guarantees, the history and so on…But we know what you are thinking, what will this all cost? And, will your budget suffice? Astroturf prices can often be a grey area, however we are telling you today the factors that determine astroturf prices and how you can stay within your budget.

close up image of astroturf green grass and white line marking 

Prices of astroturf vary depending on a variety of different factors

At Synthetic Turf Management we create completely bespoke installations that can accommodate to your budget, no matter what you have to spend we will aim to create a surface that is a cost effective solution that brings you the highest quality.

First and foremost, astroturf is more expensive than natural grass. This is because the lifespan is much greater and offers perfect player performance without the hassle and high maintenance that natural grass brings. This brings us to our first point, the base works.

Base Works and Astroturf Prices

Whether you have a concrete base, natural grass or another ground type. This needs to be properly assessed before your installation. Furthermore, if your surface needs to be built on top of (for example) an existing pond, this would increase the astroturf prices due to the increased time and equipment needed. We will always aim to save the base works and that is why most of the time, we can patch an existing base up and continue with the installation. Base works are the most important part of any install, if done correctly by an approved installer your surface is expected to last up to 20 years! If the base works are completed wrong this can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your surface to a minimal 3-5 years!

Access and Astroturf Prices

Additional features such as access can play a large role in the price of your astroturf. Therefore, we always offer free and no obligation quotes, it helps us and it is free for you and gives you the opportunity to have all your questions answered. Access is important, easy access to the site can drastically reduce the number of days needed to complete your project therefore making it cost effective for you.

Product and Astroturf Prices

At Synthetic Turf Management, we offer a range of different products that can accommodate to different budgets, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and installations so rest assured you will always be getting the best in the industry.

The Size of Your Surface Of Course!

Generally, if your area is smaller, this will cost less. So, if your yearly budget may fit perfect for one particular area, we are happy to come back and do the second area for when funds are available, making the process incredibly easy for you.

So there you have it, it is virtually impossible to give you the cost of a pitch without fully assessing the premises. Book your free consultation today by requesting a call back:

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