Abraham Guest Academy’s New 3g Pitch

25th August 2016

This is the story of how a secondary school achieved that perfect playing surface. STM delivered a new 3g pitch and we went to visit the finished result on Thursday! What an outcome! The sea of green looked phenomenal and the blue and white pitch markings stood out incredibly! Let us tell you more…

Abraham Guest needed a full resurfacing/replacement of their existing 3g pitch which is used as a MUGA (multi use games area) for the school. A MUGA is the perfect accessory for secondary schools as it caters to the age and ability of all of the 5 school years in addition to optimising the space as all can be played on one particular surface.

Previously the 3g pitch accommodated a full sized football pitch, a full sized hockey pitch and 3 five a side pitches. Abraham Guest recognised that their facilities were reaching the end of their lifespan and as the pitch is used by the school and the local community, a full resurface was needed to spruce it up.

The new 3g pitch surface would be used predominantly for football and touch rugby which was the perfect installation for our Total Turf 40 XQ which meets both FIFA and FIH standards. This product is guaranteed for a huge 20,000 playing hours and as Abraham Guest reported a usage of 8 hours a day, the pitch will be guaranteed for nearly 7 years (not to mention how long it will last after that with good maintenance!)

The pitch would need an uplift of the existing turf which is something we specialise in at STM.

This was the perfect job for us!

The existing surface was uplifted and removed from the site and the existing pad was repaired and patched up in places. Our British manufacturers supplied 6404 square metres of Total Turf 40 XQ. This is a multi-use product which is part filled with rubber and sand.

football white line markings on 3g pitch

astroturf football pitch

The markings were inlayed into the surface which included the first set of white markings for football and cross court D’s, with a 2m gap between the pitches. All of the lines were inlayed 100mm wide into the product.

3g artificial turf pitch

Don’t forget STM provide a full maintenance service and the first service is free! You will also receive a free rules board to ensure players look after your 3g pitch. What could be easier?

stm rules board attached to fencing 

Free STM rule board

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