Playground Installers

STM has collaborated with schools and nurseries in all areas of the UK and has helped them, by means of bright, colourful synthetic grass, to improve their playground facilities.

We offer a wide range of synthetic turf for playground surfaces that we can customise to suit various nursery playgrounds and landscape spaces. For example:

Safety –The safety factor is essential for children’s playgrounds because they are energetic and boisterous so they can easily get hurt as they play. It is for this reason that we produce artificial grass that is safely and securely attached which makes the area extremely child-friendly and a safe environment for them to play in.

As with most playgrounds, there is a certain amount of natural wear and tear because of extensive use, as the kids play and run around. The ideal thing, naturally, would be to keep these surfaces looking and feeling like fresh and inviting grass, always, which is why our artificial grass is designed to feel and resemble real grass, but with extra flair and increased durability.

 Aesthetics, durability, and safety

Although it is important that our artificial grass looks fantastic, safety and durability are equally as important, so the product you receive from us should reflect all three of these essential aspects. In addition to this, we can even further increase the children’s safety when playing on our grass, by installing high-performance shock pads underneath it. This reduces the chances of children getting hurt if they fall.

Durability – we are extremely proud of the fact that we design and manufacture hard-wearing, resilient artificial grass that ensures that children get the most out of their time whilst playing outside. Also, since our products include a water-resistant, latex backing, there is no need to worry about continuous maintenance, as with real grass. The latex backing works at effectively preventing blocking, by allowing water to seep through.

Playground Installation Around The UK

Ideas for making play areas even more fun for children

There are ways of creating play areas that give kids the opportunity to enjoy their time outdoors to the fullest. This not only makes the area more accessible, but incredibly exciting and lots of fun too, and since there is something for everyone, makes it ideal for children of all ages.

Designing a customised play area means that you are creating a space that will let children have loads of fun, yet at the same time, help them in the development of their cognitive skills.

There are several amazing ideas to consider incorporating to create a fun and exciting children’s play area, and these include:


Running tracks


Trim trail walking

Sports markings

Additionally, you must understand that the markings, features, and colours are crucial to what goes into a play area. Therefore, it is best to include a few details while the play area is being separated into sections. This plays a significant role in giving the kid’s imagination and creativity a big boost.

If the above information has piqued your interest and you are considering having an artificial turf playground installed, then please contact us at STM today. We have a team of experts waiting to hear from you and are more than willing to assist you with the design and installation of fun and exciting children’s play areas.