Playground Surfaces for Primary Schools

STM designs and installs interactive, educative playground surfaces for primary schools.

STM prides itself in developing a unique playground system called STM EPIC (Education and Play In Colour), which uses multi use court markings and/or traditional games to transform your playground into a fun and safe play area. The coloured turf is perfect for Primary, Nursery and SEN schools.

  • A range of synthetic turf products made from the latest turf technology
  • Tailored MUGA options
  • Ongoing maintenance and resurfacing options
  • Bright coloured design, themes and pitch markings (designed specifically for you)
  • Health and safety prioritised
  • 8 years warranty
  • Expected life span of 20 years
  • Trim Trails
  • Turf designed around play equipment

STM work nationwide in developing sport and play surfaces & playground markings for schools. We understand that every primary school we work with has different needs and ideas. That’s why every synthetic turf playground we design is tailored to that specific school. From play areas to reading zones, to traditional playground game markings to sports markings we deliver a product that is durable, usable, and great fun for kids.

Trail ‘n’ Play is a great way of using synthetic turf around play equipment – a clean and safe alternative to muddy grass or wood chippings.

Having worked in partnership with many schools, as well as the Youth Sports Trust, we are proud of the difference we make to playgrounds across the UK.

trim trail installation with wooden playground equipment and a red and blue targetA Synthetic Turf Management grass around primary play equipment

Schools are frequently looking for the most suitable surface for sports, MUGAs (Multi Use Games Area) and safe play areas. Synthetic Turf Management works with primary schools to provide artificial grass surfaces (commonly known as astro turf) that meet the very demanding school environment; durability is key for heavy use during curriculum and extra curricular time.

Artificial turf is a great way of optimising the space you have in your school. Synthetic turf technology has been advancing for several years, meaning that it is now possible to create MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas) that are totally tailored a specific schools’ needs. Different sports require different kinds of turf, which is why a MUGA synthetic turf area is great for maximising space. One MUGAs can have the right turfs and pitch markings for various different sports, such as tennis, netball, rounders and football. Tailored pitch markings can also provide areas for team games and general P.E. practices.

pupils playing hockey on new multi use games areaA Synthetic Turf Management MUGA for primary school

Playground surfaces enhance the way children play and interact with each other. Whether you are building a new multi use games are, safe play surface area or refurbishing a current artificial grass facility, STM’s design team can work with your primary school to create inspiring sport surfaces and safe recreational areas.

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