Synthetic Turf Management provides artificial grass for MUGAs (multi use games areas) in primary schools, secondary schools and SEN schools.

STM have designed and installed artificial grass in secondary schools, primary schools and SEN schools. Our priorities are safety and durability; we only deliver the best product and offer ongoing maintenance.

  • Tailored design for any size of play area
  • Ongoing aftercare and maintenance
  • A resurfacing service
  • Fencing options
  • An area that provides different artificial grass for different purposes (hockey, football, training)
  • The latest in synthetic turf technology

artificial turf muga sky view

Schools and colleges are now required to take part in numerous sporting events and meet various sporting requirements within the national curriculum. We can design an artificial surface for you that accommodates a range of different sports, including football, tennis, hockey, netball and general training. While tennis is played on a shorter pile turf, football requires longer and softer pile turf blades. This is why a combined synthetic turf area can be a great option, especially if space is limited and budgets are right in council run facilities.

Sport England recommends Type 5 synthetic turf pitches, which are sand filled or sand dressed. These are suitable for playing most sports, including training for athletics and rugby.

aerial view of school mugaMUGA, or multi use games area take advantage of your space and budget.

MUGAs can vary in size depending on the sports chosen. A good fencing system is vital, with rebound boards to enclose the pitch and provide a safe and secure playing environment. As part of our fencing options we can install goal recesses and pitch dividers that enhance the overall usage of the pitch. If you include basketball and netball, nets can be installed as part of the fencing system.

Main pitch markings and cross pitch markings offer a range of playing areas and 5-a-side football markings with pitch dividers offer separate areas for training and team coaching. Seating and shelters can be included as extra over items within the design and build of your synthetic turf.

When manufacturing and installing synthetic turf, STM always has the highest regard for health and safety. We know that this is the number one priority for your school. If you are concerned about safety and for more on information about artificial turf MUGAs, pitches and playgrounds browse to our Safety Surfaces page.

green muga with new fencing and floodlightsWe provide a diverse range of synthetic turf products for MUGAs

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