All weather playgrounds, even at -1!

18th January 2016

Last week we saw the winter weather hit the North East, with heavy snowfall, frosty conditions and icy paths which caused havoc, especially in schools. School playing fields become boggy and muddy in winter weather and when the snow comes playgrounds and paths become slippery causing massive health and safety concerns in schools.

This means that most schools need to keep students inside during the winter months, but with Synthetic Turf Management all weather artificial turf surfaces schools can have an amazing play area no matter how bad the weather gets.

Wilton Primary School in North Yorkshire had an artificial turf playground installed by STM in 2014 and we visited the school last week to see that the playground still looked great, even at -1.

all weather playground in cold weather  

Wilton Primary Schools all weather playground taken in -1.

playground target with frost 

All weather primary school at Wilton Primary School.

All weather MUGA in the winter 

All weather MUGA, perfect for year round play in schools. 

Artificial turf is a popular choice for schools because we can create all weather playgrounds that look great, are fun and they engage outdoor learning.

That’s why we also offer artificial grass landscaping areas in schools so mud and mess can be avoided during the winter. For more information on landscaping in schools with artificial grass click here.

artificial grass green landscaping outdoors 

Artificial grass landscaping looks and feels like natural grass, but there is no mess and its low maintenance.

For more information on STM all weather playgrounds contact us. We offer free onsite consultations and free information packs so make sure you contact STM to transform your school playground.

Alternatively you can contact us by emailing or by calling our head offices on 01642 713 555.

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