Synthetic Turf Management’s New Maintenance Website is Launched

13th March 2018

We have some exciting news to announce at Synthetic Turf Management this week. With continual expansion we have decided to create a brand-new website for our maintenance division Synthetic Turf Maintenance. And we have launched it this week!

The majority of our maintenance information, tips and advice will now be mainly going through our new website as this division has now branched off from STM and is operating on an independent website (but don’t worry, we are still the same company!)

The new branding sports a purple theme and will be targeting sports clubs/facilities, schools, community clubs and private facilities all over the UK. The slogan ‘Maintain, Optimise, Gain’ aims to communicate that by a regular and scheduled maintenance package, this helps to optimise your pitch and therefore you won’t lose durability and longevity can be extended whilst also keeping to health and safety standards.

synthetic turf maintenance logo

Our external website designers Via Creative have once again teamed up with our friends at to create a new brand for our new division. The new logo is in line with the current STM branding with a few slight changes.

Maintaining your sports surface, whether that be artificial grass, tarmac, rubber, natural grass or clay should be carried out regularly and extra practices should be in place to ensure surfaces are the best they can be. To us, this involves a combination of both in-house and out-sourced maintenance.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance are specialists in out-sourcing.

Browse to the new website here:

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