STM Revisit The Unit Gym Sled Track in Middlesbrough

3rd January 2018

On Tuesday 19th December, the STM team made a trip to The Unit Gym who had two gym mats designed by us previously. We wanted to see how they used their new sled track for specific gym activities and we were pleased to see many individuals exercising using the track.

Two gym mats were supplied by STM this year, the first was a one lane track with their bespoke logo in it. This was located alongside the gym equipment, so everyone could use the sleds on it.

unit gym mat installed with logoThe sled track was the centre point of the gym and offered an extra facility which others don’t. This has helped to increase the number of members.

gym members lifting weight and pulling sleds on four lane trackGym mats provide a softer and safer surface than other types of flooring.

prowler on the gym mat

three gym goers on the sled trackPulling sleds, weights and prowlers on the track.

STM would like to thank Jemma at The Unit Gym for allowing us to come down and see how they use their STM sled tracks. 

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