Starbeck Synthetic Tennis Courts are Installed, Sanded and Raring to Go!

10th March 2017

Yet another project has been completed and that is Starbeck Tennis Club. The new synthetic tennis courts have been installed in Harrogate and we just completed the final touches this week. The tennis product that we used on this install is suitable for all levels therefore everyone can enjoy the new brand new courts.

Starbeck Synthetic Tennis Courts

two images of completed tennis courts at Starbeck 

Starbeck Tennis Courts after STM had finished sanding

1535 square metres of green and rust turf were installed along with permanent white line markings to deliver a bespoke design. The three separate synthetic tennis courts were fixed onto the previously tarmacked surface with specialist joining products.

green tennis court with rust border and white markings

One of the best benefits of using synthetic turf for tennis courts is that it produces and all-weather surface, meaning that regardless of rain or shine the tennis can still be used! Furthermore, the turf used is guaranteed for a huge 22,500 playing hours and most last for much longer, up to 20 years!

view along the net of the new tennis courts 

An image of the surface immediately after sanding, this will act as the infill and protect the yarn to deliver a high performing tennis surface.

STM green and white logo mat at the entrance to the new courts 

And we even provided an STM logo mat at the entrance.

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