Keep Active, It’s Good for the Mind too!

9th November 2017

Recent news from Sport England told us the results from a two-year study about the health benefits of being active, and it hasn’t surprised us. We are big believers that regular activity provides mental health benefits. The Get Set to Go programme set up by Mind and supported by both Sport England and the National Lottery, found results of coping better and improving mental health.

Sport England Logo

Sport England Logo

But how can you help to tackle growing mental health problems in the UK?

Communities including sports clubs, leisure centres and even schools who can hire out their facilities can work together to promote their sports surfaces. From walking football for the over 50’s to a weekly netball club for full time students. It is important that we provide the appropriate facilities and encourage regular use to build up relationships, restore confidence and spread happiness.

The programme found strong results pointing to:

  • Increased coping and resilience
  • Improvement in mood
  • Reduction in rumination (over thinking)
  • Providing stability

We want to support the programme. 

No matter whether it is rain or shine, people need to be motivated to actively move about. Sports are a great way to do this and STM’s all-weather surfaces provide a base for that. We have heard so many success stories from past clients who have been able to keep their communities active even through those dark winter nights. The importance of being active all year round therefore helps to make sure the mind remains well all year round too.

Let’s tackle mental health in the sports industry today.