London Infant School’s Brand New All-Weather Playground

17th November 2016

We are well and truly into Autumn now and as the STM team are in the office looking at that groggy wet weather outside we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, infant schools and nurseries struggle to allow children to play outside in such awful weather; mainly due to the safety of the surface. However with Synthetic Turf Management you can be sure that our installs are fully weather proof and we can generate an all-weather playground fit for your purpose.

Furze Platt Infant School in Pictures

plain green artificial turf cut around existing play equipment

 Landcaping area at Furze Platts

We have just completed our first install at Furze Platt Junior School and it was completed to such a high standard that we were called to complete the infant school area too. This consisted of a landscaped playground to look like natural grass but hold many different properties that generate that all-weather playground.

trim trail with artificial turf playground grass underneath 

A sensible play surface solution

Firstly, is the most important, the safety of the surface, our grass holds different safety standards so that you know you’re getting the best:

Trip Free Edging All neatly finished to avoid trips and falls
Shock Pads To absorb impact on falls, this is especially crucial if STM are supplying and installing your play equipment.
Non-abrasive Eliminate scrapes unlike old and outdated concrete surfaces
Super drainage To allow water to drain with ease from the surface and limit slips
Fire retardant technology Which is always good to have, even if you don’t plan on having a barbecue in the school playground!

 An all-weather playground surface means one thing. It can be used in so many different types of weather which means that as we are sat staring at the rain, we can be confident that children, from the schools where we have installed at, are still getting their daily exercise which is one of our core values at STM.

uneven surface covered in synthetic grass 

We used our team of fantastic installers to create something simply wonderful’ the artificial turf was installed around the existing play equipment.

Plus, Ofsted like it! Yes, you got that right, as synthetic turf technology is advancing it has become one of the favourites by Ofsted as a way of optimising space that schools have. And allowing children to learn in a different environment with the best facilities possible.

artificial grass landscaping in the school

We are confident that the Infant school have a surface suitable for the age of their pupils and encourages children to learn through play.

For more information on the new playground surface, or any of our other installations then please use the information below to get in touch today:

01642 713 555