Cricket Logo Mats with STM

23rd September 2016

The County Championship Cricket is well and truly underway and as this ever growing sport is being aired on none other than Sky Sports, we can conclude that the world of county cricket is full of opportunities and these should be utilised! With television cameras at every angle, should you embrace the idea of increasing your brand awareness? Let us tell you that so many cricket teams have already done so. How? You ask, ever thought about a cricket logo mat?

Cricket logo mats combine your logo onto bespoke artificial turf in very specific colours, these are often used during huge tournaments! And, if your logo never changes, they will last for the next year, and the next, and the next and so on… But why artificial turf you ask? Well this all-weather proof surface is super durable and available in a variety of colours and styles meaning that you can have the perfect logo mat, and televised too! What better way to get your teams name about!

So what county cricket clubs and T20 teams have already chosen an artificial turf cricket logo mat from Synthetic Turf Management?

  • Durham Jets
  • Somerset County Cricket Club
  • Sussex Sharks
  • Hampshire Cricket
  • Yorkshire Vikings
  • Lancashire Lightning
  • Worcester Rapids
  • Birmingham Bears
  • And lots more…

Yorkshire vikings artificial turf logo mat 

Yorkshire Vikings Cricket Mat

We can even install your logo mat too with our team of highly trained installers.

Or course you can always change your design! Got a blue logo? Change it to pink to support an event if you wish! The possibilities are endless and there’s not much that Synthetic Turf Management can’t do with artificial turf!

If you think that a cricket logo mat could really benefit your club and its branding, don’t hesitate to get in touch!