Creating an Artificial Turf Playground- Wet Pour Rubber vs Astro Turf

13th April 2018

There are many different types of playground surfacing available but at STM we are all for the astro turf playground. It is our specialty and we believe it is long-lasting, durable and the best safety surface going. Which is why Sytchampton Primary School in Worcestershire decided to change their wet pour surface to astro turf. STM were on the scene…

A Slippery Wet Pour Surface

Sytchampton’s existing wet pour surface was proving to be rather problematic, especially in wet weather conditions which resulted in a slippery ground.

cutting astro turf on playgroundCutting the astro turf roadway into the green surface.

Our green EPIC play product was used as a base for the new blue, black and white roadway. This was complete with a set of traffic lights. 140 square metres in total were used in this installation.

installers inspecting a dirty wet pour rubber playground roadway

Wet Pour Rubber Vs Astro Turf

When resurfacing we saw a few problems with the wet pour rubber surface, it wasn’t inviting and looked worn and discoloured. Wet pour rubber often approaches many problems within its lifespan:

One of the main problems with wet pour rubber is that the glue and binder that is used for the compound usually breaks down after 2-3 years. This can then cause gaps within the product and result in issues with the safety of the surface. With astro turf (or artificial grass) a good quality install will ensure that there are no gaps between any of the seams meaning no problems with this in the future.  

For areas that are prone to moss and algae, grass is the best option. Because of the fibres in the artificial grass product, if moss and algae still occur, it doesn’t cause as much of a problem as it would with wet pour rubber.

Then there is the way the playground looks. Wet pour rubber can look very dirty in wet weather conditions and this can make the surface incredibly slippery and unusable. If wet pour rubber isn’t cleaned to the best standard this will only emphasise the drainage problems. Pressure washing also causes problems breaking down the rubber compound. When astro turf is installed, it has a fully perforated backing meaning any excess rain water can be washed away effortlessly.

Playground Installation

All of this pointed to the installation of a brand new astro turf playground. The school still wanted a roadway as the children loved this part of their playground.

Overlaying onto the existing base, STM started installing the turf. We do this by cutting the designs and shape into the surface (this is all completed on site)

astro turf playground roadway

astro turf playground with roadThe project also saw the installation of numbers, letters and footprints under a canopy area.

playground canopy area with artificial turf flooring

Astro turf for playgrounds can last up to 20 years if looked after properly and are often considered the best safety surfaces for primary schools and nurseries. Intricate designs can be cut into the surface and they are built with the customers specification in mind.

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