5 Reasons Your School Needs a MUGA

21st August 2014

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA)

MUGAs are fantastic. They’re wonderful, colourful, practical hubs of sport and we really don’t have a bad word to say about them. In a word, we think MUGAs are awesome. Now it’s time to find out why your school can’t live without one!

1. Save Money & Space

Getting a MUGA means accommodating your sports requirements right there in one place. It means you don’t need a separate running track, or a separate basket ball course, and it means you don’t need to maintain multiple fields and grounds. When you think about it, it just makes sense.

2. Maximise P.E. Time

Whether it’s because of a saturated field, an unapologetic frost, or landslide mud, a cancelled P.E. lesson is annoying, to say the least. The thing about MUGAs is that they can be used year-round, whatever the weather. They’re free draining of water, UV stabilised and don’t shy away from a thunderstorm. It’s all about getting out there and getting active; a bit of rain never hurt anyone.

3. Motivate Pupils

Isn’t it difficult to get pupils motivated when P.E. facilities consist of a muddy field or a grey concrete tennis court? MUGAs are made from brightly coloured artificial grass, and it’s not just a pretty face they’re boasting. They’re really practical to use, so pupils can enjoy P.E. without getting muddle, or scraping their knees. Wonderful.

4. Invest in the future of your school

MUGAs are built to last. We build them out of really hard-wearing materials so that they can undergo heavy usage for years without feeling thing. Plus they all come with bespoke warrantees.

5. No more maintenance!

Well, very little compared to the slog of mowing, fertilising, re-turfing and draining that is required by real grass. MUGAs only require occasional maintenance practices - a couple of times a year in fact.


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