Guarantee the best playing conditions with STM sports pitch resurfacing and FIFA approved artificial grass.

If your sports pitch is approaching the end of its life than Synthetic Turf Managements football pitch resurfacing can return your pitch back to its peak condition.

Football pitches with synthetic 3G or sand filled surfaces will eventually reach the end of their lifecycle and the performance will begin to decrease. At this stage it’s important to consider football pitch resurfacing to ensure the surface is performing at its best, otherwise its performance properties and play characteristics like ball bounce, ball roll, consistency, slide resistance, and its drainage properties will begin to degrade as it passes the end of its life.

This is why resurfacing is so important as it gives the sports club or school the perfect opportunity to improve their facility with new and high performance football products that can transform: performance, look and feel of their football pitches. We understand that a resurfacing project is a big task and that’s why STM use our expertise to guide our clients through every step of a resurfacing project, starting with a consultation.

At STM we respect that any resurfacing work is a major decision to make. With our consultations we can direct projects to when the optimal time to resurface a football pitch will be. Not all schools have the funds to carry out a resurface when it’s needed so we can offer maintenance advice to help schools extend the lifespan until funds become available. All clubs and schools that are looking for football pitch resurfacing from STM are entitled to a free consultation from our expert team. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss other project aspects such as fencing.

STM have the necessary specialist equipment to handle the uplift of an old 3G surface, sand filled or any other synthetic surface football surface that needs replacing. We begin by cutting the existing surface into smaller more manageable strips that can be rolled up using specialist techniques and prepared for removal. We make it our main priority to protect the existing base works to save costs for our clients so this surface can be reused with only minor patching and repair work where possible.

With all our operations we look for the most environmentally friendly ways of removing and disposing of artificial turf. Working closely with our partners STM are exploring new and innovative ways to dispose of old pitches and we continue to look for green solutions for the removal and disposal of artificial turf.

Supply and installation of artificial turf surfaces is where STM specialise with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in artificial turf installation. With over 50,000 sqm of synthetic turf being supplied and installed a year you can be assured we have the experience and expertise for your project. We use everything from community level to FIFA approved products for our pitches to make sure that every customer’s unique needs are met. Strong, reliable, long lasting; we wouldn’t play it any other way. 

As well as football markings STM can cut additional sports markings into turf that are bespoke to the clubs needs.

5-a-side synthetic football pitch in Newcastle

Synthetic Turf Maintenance is the specialist maintenance department of STM and maintenance programs will extend the lifespan and performance of Football Pitches considerably. Our guarantees and warranties also offer protection on our products and installations.

Aftercare of a community use football pitch

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