STM leads in the field of artificial turf golfing greens.

We know that a golfing green requires the best technology in artificial turf, as well as ongoing maintenance. That’s why we provide high-tech, natural looking turf, as well as an excellent maintenance plan. All of our golfing grass is stimp metre tested to provide perfect ball roll.

Artificial Turf for Golf

Artificial turf for golf is becoming a popular choice for professionals across the UK.

Our artificial grass installation is always tailored in design and construction, catering for unique customer needs. We love golf, that’s why we provide artificial golf for putting greens, winter tees, driving ranges and fairways, providing a very practical, low maintenance, and a hard wearing surface that allows year-round play. As well as golf-players, clubs benefit too with improved facilities, improved players and an increase in revenue over the winter period.

golf ball going into cup on artificial grass putting greenSynthetic golf grass

Golf really does depend on well maintained fairways, putting greens and tees. Advancements in synthetic grass have lead to turf that is smooth and even, providing a unhindered ball-roll. Artificial grass use in back gardens has become increasingly popular and is an ideal way to improve your putting skills and lower your handicap. In comparison to natural turf, which requires a high level of maintenance, the artificial grass solution turns your garden into a perfect green for golfing.

  • A range of the latest astro turf technology
  •  Designed cup positions and a green that is graded to your choice of difficulty
  •  Tailored green design, according to size and individual needs
  • An ongoing maintenance plan and resurfacing options
  • Tailored for both professional and domestic clubs
  • A range of astro products and technologies to choose from

Our 2 golf products are displayed below:

Golf Putt Pro - Unsanded Stimpmeter Reading 9 (Fast)

Golf Putt - Unsanded Stimpmeter Reading 7.5 (Medium)

blue crazy golf courseBlue crazy golf idea

At Synthetic Turf Management we don’t just provide the product, we make sure that you are satisfied and continue to be satisfied for years to come. We design and manufacture a product specifically for you, and can resurface when needed. We offer a range of products including colourful artificial grass and tailor-made cups and flags.

For private home putting greens, please refer to our partner company Lion Lawns. 

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