Playground Surfacing Services

STM has created a system called “Education and Play in Colour” to reshape outdoor learning and play for children. The whole purpose of the game is to help teachers and pupils have loads of run, while still meeting the national curriculum requirements.

We know just how daunting a task it can be to choose the correct type of playground surfacing!  

Being an integral part of the development of a playground, it is important that the playground installation meets the set requirements. This is even more so when you consider the type of equipment that will be used as well as the existing site.

Our STM professionals are always on hand to explain in detail, advantages of all the different types of surfaces available, and the best way to install synthetic playground grass.

All playground surfaces are designed in house, with the main focus being on how to minimise the dangers of injuries on the artificial playground grass, by providing our unique impact-absorbing capabilities. In addition to this, all our surfaces are perfect for both children and adults, which explains perfectly, why these surfaces are fast becoming the preferred choice in nurseries and schools in all areas of the country.

Our team of playground installers go all out to make sure that all flooring choices include complete base construction and drainage systems, to make certain of effective drainage and ball roll performance standard.

How to choose the best playground surfacing

Even though there are some people who know exactly what they want regarding playground surfacing, there are many who have no idea where to begin.

Since we can change almost any area into a fun and interesting play area, you can rest assured that our experts will give you precisely what you are looking for.

Engagement and enjoyment are the first things that you should consider when looking for playground resurfacing. The reason for this is that the best surfacing should increase the enjoyment and not inhibit it. In other words, it should be a feasible addition that complements the area, while at the same time, allowing children to have plenty of fun when using it.

Other factors to consider are the designs and colours, depending on where you would prefer the markings to be. You get a choice of four most of the time, and these include synthetic surfacing, artificial grass, rubber surfacing, or resin-bound rubber mulch. If you want to make it really stand out, you might want to go for the customised option that includes your image, slogan, or logo as part of the surfacing.

How do children benefit from these surfaces?

Playgrounds that are designed with playground markings and educational messages can play an influential role in educating children while they play around. It is an extremely effective way to turn learning into a fun activity, which is why many parents, teachers and professionals agree, that our playground surface services are some of the best available in the country.

We understand just how important it is for children to play outdoors regularly. It is vital for developing their cognitive skills, which is why we take it very seriously, what we do with these surfaces.

Children benefit from playground surfacing in the following ways:

It is an amazing way for helping children develop valuable cognitive and social skills

It provides an incredible platform to improve teamwork among the kids as they play

Playground surfacing brightens a once drab field or schoolyard.

If you would like further information regarding STM, or the services we offer, please contact us today by filling out our handy contact form. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss with you, the playground surfacing project you have in mind.