Synthetic Turf Management, use a partnered company Sports Lighting Company (SLC) for all of the lighting for our sports pitches and MUGA's.

The SLC emphasise heavily that sports lighting maintenance is critical to the installation of floodlights to ensure that every customer gets the best from their investment all year long. The SLC offer maintenance packages at different budgets suitable for you. Floodlight performance can be lost by up to 17% if they are not being maintained efficiently such as a build-up of dirt on the glass.

Sports lighting is essential for sports performance, and maintenance is a key component of this.

Maintaining your new sports lights is often overlooked but mechanical inspection is just as crucial to ensure the integrity of the components and lighting column are safe and operating at the best possible standard. The SLC can help you to make sure that you keep to your legal obligation of ensuring your lighting systems are efficient and safe.

floodlights at Twickenham stadium in the dark

The Sports Lighting Company offer different levels of service suitable for you, those are listed below.

  • Keeping the glass on the luminaire clean-inspection
  • Any equipment that has been exposed to elements should be checked to ensure integrity of the weather sealing
  • Ensure tightness of all electrical connections-inspection Interim Servicing
  • Minor Serving plus a monitoring test for the degradation in performance of the lamps
  • Electrical Condition Report (Should be done every 5 years)
  • Torque settings of fixing
  • Re-lamping of luminaire
  • Ultra-sonic testing of the columns
  • NDT testing if needed

Typically, the floodlight system will have a life expectancy of 20-25 years, that is before it needs a full replacement. However, within this period of time, some of the individual components will have shorter lifespans.

Customers should make an adequate budget for the cost of maintenance, and this is often known as a sinking fund. Some of the items have a life expectancy which relates to how often they are used such as lamps in relation to hours of use.

Some of the components will depend on other factors:

  • Normal Use wear and tear
  • Conditions in the environment
  • Misuse of the lighting
  • The level of maintenance

Other information you may want to know:

  • NICEIC Electrical test – By law every 5 years this is required for public use electrical installations. The test has to be done by a registered contractor.
  • NDT Test – Every 12 years an NDT ultra-sonic test needs to be carried out and checks for breakages and fractures to the foundation bolts only (not the surrounding concrete).
  • Annually, every floodlight should be cleaned and the floodlighting alignment should be checked to make sure that they are in the correct position to maintain the highest level of lighting. Maintenance depends on the type of column installed.

For more information on Sports Lighting and maintenance, click here to be redirected to the Sports Lighting Company website.

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