STM provides corrective maintenance for artificial surfaces.

Whether you have a synthetic turf football pitch, or an artificial grass lawn, it’s important to carry out a few maintenance actions to keep it at it’s best. STM is here to guide you every step of the way and provide a range of different artificial turf maintenance packages.

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STM corrective maintenance services include:

  • Synthetic turf seam repairs
  • Granular top-ups
  • Re-marking of lines and other pitch/playground markings

For emergency maintenance repairs, please call us on 01642 713555 or contact us directy.

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NOTE: For emergency maintenance repairs, please call us on 01642 713 555, or visit our contact page.

Despite advancements in joining tape and wet fix glue technology, even the highest quality artificial turf can suffer wear and tear over time. Synthetic grass seams can lift and come apart over time due to usage and age; it’s unavoidable but not impossible to fix. Seams tend to lift more around football boxes, or areas that are commonly hand cut in. Factors that can affect seams are usage over time and weather conditions such as freezing, which can break down glue and create weaknesses in the joins. Incorrect footwear can also factor into the degradation of an artificial pitch as it can damage the pile.

They key to seam repairs is to address them as soon as the damage is spotted. This is to ensure that the seam isn’t allowed to open, making damage worse and harder to repair. Further, and more importantly, seam damage that is not repaired can cause a health and safety risk to players and users of the artificial turf, increasing the risk of trips and falls.

It’s important to remember that large areas of damage can be replaced altogether. Synthetic Turf Management works with leading turf manufacturers in offering a resurfacing option for artificial turf owners.

line markings with tear in the seamSeam repairs can be easily rectified but should be reported as soon as possible to avoid safety issues

3G artificial turf pitches can require frequent granular top ups. This is due to the de-compaction of the infill over time, as well as infill migration due to play, wind and general artificial turf maintenance. It’s important to keep the infill of a synthetic turf surface at the correct level to reduce wear and tear of the surface, which is caused by lack of protection from incorrect levels. Keeping the infill levels correct also keeps the play characteristics of the pitch at their optimum.

Synthetic Turf Management is here to make sure that the infill rate and grade match the product specification of your artificial turf. We also have the specialist equipment required to carry out this process.

Painted Line markings on synthetic turf pitches do need re-marking from time to time due to regular usage. Pitches may also need re-marking due to changes in rules or clubs looking to increase sports markings to enable them to open up the facility to more people for a variety of activities. When using water-based aerosols the markings are usually short term and therefore as soon as they fade the quality of markings can detract the enjoyment from the game. That’s why Synthetic Turf Management is here to keep your artificial grass pitch looking fresh!

An alternative to re-marking is opting for a permanent solution. Lines can be cut into the synthetic turf to improve the appearance and performance of the surface. This works out to be more cost effective in the long-term than the repeated re-marking of lines.

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