Artificial grass: durable enough to withstand heavy gym equipment.

Provides a suitable surface for weight training, exercise classes and much more!

STM sled tracks are made from artificial grass which is then designed and cut into a bespoke shape to fit a certain area. These are used by gyms all over the UK who can opt for a supply only or a supply and install service.

Sled tracks need to be durable because they are likely to be used by individual gym goers using equipment such as prowlers, sleds and weights daily. Artificial grass is proven to be a great product for this use. Our British manufactured turf is complete with a 1-year warranty on seams and joins and what makes it so unique, is that they can be tailored to customers’ needs.

rust sled track installed at the Unit Gym

Sled tracks are typically used for CrossFit, personal training, sprinting, strength and conditioning and for prowlers and sleds. And we know that every gym provides a different program and exercise regime so you want your sled track to fit in perfectly. That is why we provide a range of different options to suit you, these include:

  • Colour options of red, green, magenta and blue (other colours available on request)
  • Additional logo design available
  • Bevelled edge options available
  • White line markings cut into exact measurements
  • Supply only or installation service options
  • Can be installed on top of most smooth and flat surfaces

green sled track installed at gymGreen sled track installed with white line markings spaced out at every 1 metre.

blue sled track with white number markings being designed in warehouseGym mats are all produced at our premises and then transported to site. This helps to ensure the best quality throughout.

For more information on sled tracks, please contact our Corporate Manager, Holly Clements on 01642 713 555 for a free quote, sample pack and designs.

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