Artificial grass landscaping works for commercial and corporate grounds such as restaurants, offices and shops.

Synthetic Turf Management is a leading installer of artificial grass products, for a diverse range of uses. Business grounds, shops, offices, theme parks – the list is endless – are enjoying the practicality and natural look of synthetic grass across the UK (and beyond)!

Artificial grass landscaping services include:

  • The latest in synthetic turf technology
  • A range of synthetic grass products to choose from
  • Tailored design and build of the synthetic turf
  • A project manager to oversee all work and guide you along the way
  • Maintenance advice and resurfacing options
  • A range in artificial grass costs, from low budget to luxury

Outdoor Marquee bar with synthetic turf carpetArtificial grass for marquees and local events is becoming very popular

Synthetic turf technology has been advancing at a rapid rate over the past few years. Artificial grass is now being used commercially and has proven to be an extremely effective solution to ‘real grass problems’. Requiring very little maintenance, synthetic grass looks natural and, what’s more, is very practical. Synthetic turf comes in a range of products, varying in length, density and colour. STM will be happy to help you choose which design and turf is best for your space. We offer a full ‘design and build’ service and understand that all of our products will have to be tailored to every individual client we work with.

Now that technology allows it, it’s time to get creative with artificial turf. We’ve seen great success come of office roof-top gardens, poolside seating areas, restaurant gardens, and even indoor shop space. Artificial grass requires a few maintenance actions, but they really are simple and far from the tedious mowing, fertilising and watering that’s required for real grass.

Whether you want to create an arty indoor space with brightly coloured artificial turf, or you want to go for a perfectly manicured lawn look for your restaurant garden area, STM will work closely with you to meet your design and budget needs.

Outside Building with artificial grass borderArtificial grass can transform all sorts of businesses (both indoor and outdoor)

At STM we work with the best in synthetic turf technology, and are always investigating new ways to use artificial grass to create beautiful spaces. Installing synthetic grass is not as complicated as it might seem. We can lay turf over hills and recesses, and we’re happy to cut it around furniture, decking and other obstacles.

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