Synthetic Turf Management has a 100% clean safety track record.

Synthetic Turf Management has 100% safety track record with all staff fully equipped, accredited and approved to work on synthetic turf projects ranging from schools to residential homes.

Site Operations

Health and Safety is the single most important factor governing the management and site operations of our company, whatever the size of the synthetic turf project, both for the operatives engaged on the site and the general public that may be affected by the works. Our health and safety culture extends throughout the Company from senior management through to our site personnel.

Our synthetic turf sites are set up with warning signs and fenced to ensure no unnecessary risks occur. 

Operators and Staff

Our staff are fully trained and equipped to perform their tasks safely in any environment. Every operative and/or visitor on site is provided with appropriate safety clothing, tools, materials, plant and equipment.

We ensure that our workforce is trained to the highest possible standards in the synthetic turf  industry, whether they are plant operatives, skilled ground workers, synthetic surfacing specialists or general synthetic turf operatives.


Each synthetic turf project is assessed pre-construction for the safest methods in which to perform the tasks required. This is done through the preparation of detailed “Method Statement” and ‘‘Risk-Assessment’, which define both the general scope and individual tasks and how these should be carried out in a safe manner. Where particular sensitivities occur such as shared access through the construction period, extra thought will be given to ensure the safety of the general public and our workforce at all times.

STM have specific guidelines for sub contractors and have worked alongside main contractors such as Keir and Carillion.


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Pitch Builder

Synthetic Turf Management understand that the design and construction of your pitch/court is vital. We can help you optimise your space with an extensive array of options for size, colour, markings, fencing, lighting and gate positions. Here at Synthetic Turf Management, we're happy to guide you through the initial process of designing your turf, so that you can visualise your pitch/court before its construction. Try our free pitch builder, or give us a call to talk to one of our experts.